Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S

Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S


This Deadbolt 02S with its slim design, making it the worlds slimmest Bluetooth deadlock. 
The Igloohome Smart Bluetooth Deadbolt changes the way you will give access to your home or office, FOREVER. Whether you're giving access to the kids, giving one time access to an Airbnb/Holiday home renter or giving access to your cleaner Igloohome makes it easy. And each time the lock has opened the event will be logged in you Igloohome App.the block lock The Igloohome Smart Deadbolt has 2 simple way to open it: a unique PIN code or Bluetooth using your smartphone and Igloohome App. It’s that easy.

Features and benefits

• Simple installation and design that retrofits any traditional deadbolt
• Create a PIN code from the Igloohome app provide this to anyone who needs access 
• Codes can be time restricted so you never have to remember to change a code again 
• If the person needing access is tech savvy get them to download the Igloohome app and provide them with a 'virtual key'
• Using patented technology, unlike other smart devices the Igloohome deadbolt does not require wifi. This means no Wifi hacking and you can provide a code to anyone anytime from anywhere in the world! 
• If it goes flat you can easily jump start with a 9v battery. NOTE you receive many low battery notifications before this occurs.
• The convenience of remote management, without the fuss.
• Real key provided as a backup if needed
The most amazing feature of all, ALL Igloohome products are integrated with Airbnb

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